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Plastic eggcrate grille

  • Plastic eggcrate YL13W
  • Plastic eggcrate YL13W
Plastic eggcrate YL13WPlastic eggcrate YL13W

Plastic eggcrate YL13W

  • eggcrate
  • egg crate
  • Plastic egg crate
  • Plastic eggcrate
  • Product description: Plastic eggcrate grille white,egg crate, hips,xiamen YINGLANG Aquarium accessories Filter
Plastic  Eggcrate  grille  Panel

plastic eggcrate(egg crate)grille has multiple uses including HVAC air distribution, anti-dazzle lighting, awnings, signage, and POP displays. It is injection molded in a single piece making it durable and strong. Plastic reduces dust accumulation and is scratch resistant due to the color being molded into the panel.

Product Specification:

Overall size: 1209*601*12.3 MM
Material : Polystyrene(HIPS+GPPS)
Thickness : 1-2 MM
Cell size: 13*13 MM
Weight : 1.7 KG
Color : white/black

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